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  • Avenue D2

Eine elegante und effiziente Leuchte mit tropfenförmigem Gehäuse für eine einmalige Beleuchtungssignatur und angenehmes Licht

  • IDA Dark Sky-Gütesiegel
  • *IDA-Gütesiegel für Leuchten bezieht sich nur auf Leuchten mit <= 3000 K und klaren Abdeckungen. Leuchten müssen wie mit dem Photometer gemessen montiert sein.
  • Respectful of the environment with warm color temperature and reduced upward lighting <1% with dedicated optics (RSC, CST)
  • Smart lantern with Zhaga interface. Zd4i certified
  • Dekorativer Blendschirm aus Kupfer oder Stahl für Individualität


Base and arms: die cast aluminium (EN AC-46000, standard corrosion class C3).
Canopy: spun aluminium.
Finish: powder coated anthracite textured grey 900 (close to RAL7043). Via myProduct: Texturized light grey (GY), Black (BK) and 48 other RAL possibilities
Lampshiled: metallised PC with copper or stainless steel, special varnish to prevent ageing effect and preserve the initial gloss appearance.
Diffuser: UV stabilised PC frosted or clear polycarbonate
Reflector and mirrors (street distribution): high reflective anodised aluminium.
Screw fixings: stainless steel.


Post top mounting: on spigot/columns Ø60mm. Recommended height: 3/4m, coordinated Avenue wall bracket. Spigot: 60mm (length: 90mm). Access to gear and LED module (replaceable) via 4 screws from the canopy. Product supplied with connector below the lantern or pre-wired with HO5 RN-F cable. Delivered ready to install, complete with factory fitted integral gear, all supplied in one box.


To specify state:
Decorative post-top LED lantern with clear or frosted diffuser, copper or stainless steel finish lampshields. Street or symmetrical distributions including specific optics to target low ULOR.
/ Bi-Power (BP) / Constant Light Output (CLO)/Bi-power Switch (BS)/ Zhaga interface Up (ZU)
Dedicated wall mounted bracket.
As Thorn Avenue D2

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Avenue D2 Symmetrische Optik, Kupferblendschirm

Avenue D2 Symmetrische Optik, Edelstahlblendschirm

Avenue D2 Asymmetrische Optik (Street), Kupferblendschirm

Avenue D2 Asymmetrische Optik (Street), Edelstahlblendschirm

Avenue D2 Zubehör

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